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MINT Museum of Toys welcomes visits from tour groups as well as partnerships with tour agencies. To become a partner or for further enquiries, please complete the booking form.

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Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys

Monthly Featured Exhibit

  • January
    China: Dolls as Storytellers

    In celebration of Chinese New Year, MINT Museum of Toys presents China: Dolls As Storytellers. This small exhibition invites visitors to travel back…

  • February
    Betty Boop & Bimbo: A Love Story

    In celebration of the month of love and Valentine´s day, MINT Museum of Toys presents Betty Boop: A Love Story, featuring Betty Boop…

  • March
    Door of Hope Dolls: Story of Hope

    The Door of Hope dolls tell an inspiring story of how a group of women set out to change the future of…